[•REC]3: GENESIS (2012) Overview


REC 3: Genesis stylized [•REC]3: Génesis is a Spanish horror feature film. It is a parallel sequel to the first two films.

The film begins in tribute to the prior films in the series, by employing a hand-held style as the main protaganists, Koldo and Clara are about to celebrate their wedding day. The wedding is primarily filmed by Koldo’s cousin, Adrián, and their wedding photographer, Atun, plus footage cuts in from other guests’ cell phones and cameras.

All goes well and the guests travel to the wedding reception, held in a huge mansion, on chartered buses. Adrián films his uncle, who says he doesn’t feel well because he was bitten by a dog (implied to be the dog, Max, that was infected with a demonic virus in the first film), but claims he will be alright and that he can hold on to attend the party…


Released in Spain on March 30, 2012.