BLOODTHIRSTY BUTCHERS (1970) Reviews and overview

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Bloodthirsty Butchers is a 1970 American horror feature film written and directed by Andy Milligan.

This morbid melodrama tells the tale of a murderous barber, Sweeney Todd, who supplies raw meat for his neighbour, Mrs. Lovett, who runs a pie shop. Amid the resulting carnage is a romantic sub-plot, although the film focuses mainly on the gore.


“Filled with talk, the dialog is exuberant and swift, so trying to assess these actors’ performances seems pointless. Victorian England is represented by a few set pieces shot claustrophobically as to mask the modern-day hindrances and demonstrate Andy’s “skill” with a hand-held camera. In between the talky bickering, sloppily edited gore is shown (some apparently cut before initial release), some of it goes by so fast, you’ll be questioning what you just witnessed…” George R. Reis, DVD Drive-In


“Horrible, yet uncomfortably intense, actors dressed in “period” clothing below the level most high school plays would accept are doing just plain horrible British accents. The shot composition is so claustrophobically cramped the actors never seem to talk each other like people in the real world do, but push their faces into each other, so that only hate-filled ranting, physical violence, or the face rubbing that goes for sex here can result.” The Horror!?


“Milligan’s excellent writing is on display in Bloodthirsty Butchers; unfortunately, so is the confusing camerawork and shoddy editing. Not even the offensive technical aspects can hide Milligan’s storytelling ability, in this very clever take on the Sweeney Todd story, woven around themes of dominance and submission, the struggle to have power over others.” Jared Roberts, The Lair of the Boyg

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