CRAZY LAKE aka RIPPER LAKE (2017) Reviews and overview

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‘What doesn’t kill you… rips you apart’

Crazy Lake aka Ripper Lake is a 2017 backwoods horror thriller film directed by Jason Henne (Seeing Evil; Claustrophobia) and Christopher Leto (Die Die Delta Pi; The Housewife Slasher; If I Can’t Have You…) from a screenplay by Henne. The Digital Caviar production stars Skyler Joy, Libby Blanton and Rob Mello.

A group of coeds go looking for fun at a cabin by a lake. However, they discover that the cabin wasn’t always used for rest and relaxation.

There are tall tales of experiments on criminals, until a local legend is brought into the picture. Now, it is a struggle, for the friends, to just stay alive…

Following its world premiere at the Sunscreen Film Festival in Florida, Indican Pictures released Crazy Lake via video-on-demand and on DVD. It is currently available on Amazon Prime as Ripper Lake.


Crazy Lake has everything you could want in a mindless slasher flick and the comedic tone keeps the good times rolling. Think National Lampoon presents Friday the 13th.” Mike Sprague, Dread Central

“The violence is kept to a minimum with a few stabs and throat cuts. Most of the characters are annoying at best. For some reason though I liked the ending…” Shawn Blackman

“The movie loaded its cast with large breasted, big bottomed girls and nudity to try and take focus off the terrible plot. The actors are so bad that a high school drama club would be ashamed. For some reason they had to add a very lengthy slip-n-slide montage, which doesn’t even add any sexiness…” Brian Stevens

“One of many awful low budget slasher movies in 2017, this one borrows heavily from 20-year-old pastiche Scream and has such an emphasis on slo-mo party sequences of its skimpily clad, perfect-bodied teens that it feels like a propaganda reel for some latter-day alt-right Master Race.” Steven West, Horrorscreams Videovault

Main cast:

  • Skyler Joy (Fat Ass Zombies)
  • Libby Blanton (Zombie Horror; Once Upon a Nightmare; Creature Feature)
  • Rob Mello (Happy Death Day; Trailer Park Shark)
  • Marco DelVecchio
  • Tom Latimer
  • Ashley Nicole Allen
  • Michael Ray Davis
  • Leyla Lawrence
  • Diana Riley
  • Allis Bodziak
  • Keily Fernandez
  • Matthew Valena
  • Marvin Laviolette
  • Graham Hunt
  • Caulin Donaldson

Filming locations:

Brooksville and Tampa, Florida

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