CAMP BLOOD (1999) Reviews and overview

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‘Get ready for a bloody good time.’

Camp Blood is a 1999 American direct-to-video slasher horror feature film written and directed by Brad Sykes. Despite being critically panned it built up a cult following and a growing number of sequels have been released since.


A guide and a random tourist are birdwatching in the shades of Camp Blackwood and begin to have sex. Suddenly, a man in a clown mask appears and brutally murders them.

The story then focuses on four campers, who are planning a trip to Camp Blackwood. On the way, they meet the madcap Bromley Thatcher. After a brief exchange that includes a warning from Thatcher – “Oh I’m not talking about no ghost story, I’m talking about a man, a REAL man!” – the group head into Camp Blackwood, now known to the audience as ‘Camp Blood’…


“Long story short, the youngsters have sex with their pants on, the clown has a machete, and you probably already know what to expect next. Though possibly not how badly it’s done. There is a plot twist about the killer which is completely predictable for anyone who’s seen… well, I’m sure you can guess which film.” Bad Film Friday review

Camp Blood is dreadful. God bless Brad Sykes and his cast and crew for having the wherewithal to make a feature film but something like this should never be shown in public, let alone sold or rented for money. This is amateur hour, a home movie with pretensions, the Dad-can-I-borrow-the-camcorder school of film-making.” MJ Simpson

‘ … the worst possible direction, the most predictable story, an ordinary handheld camera, unimaginative murder, bad special effects and the dumbest characters ever to grace a film. This movie is not worth your money or your time, so please stay as far away from this shit and look for something better…’ Surreal Goryfication

“Usually the trailer is the most useless extra on the entire disc, but this one, believe it or not, is fabulous – it’s the entire film condensed down into just over a minute. Every kill (including an absolutely hilarious decapitation), every lame line of dialogue, every scream, all capped off by an incredibly bored-sounding narrator intoning , “Due to the graphic nature of this film, no persons under the age of 17 will be permitted to wear 3D glasses.” The Cheap Arse Film Review

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