HIRUKO THE GOBLIN (1991) Reviews and overview


Hiruko the Goblin aka Yōkai Hantā: Hiruko (妖怪ハンター ヒルコ Ghost Hunter: Hiruko) is a 1991 Japanese horror feature film directed by Shinya Tsukamoto and starring Kenji Sawada. It is based on a manga by Daijiro Morohoshi.


Reijiro Hieda was known as a young and energetic archeologist, but he passed into oblivion since he began to advocate a heretical theory.

One day, Hieda received a letter from Yabe who is his brother-in-law and a junior high school teacher. The letter said that he discovered the ancient tomb that the ancients built to appease evil spirits. Hieda went to the field at once, but Yabe mysteriously disappeared with Reiko Tsukishima who is his student.

On the other hand, Masao, the son of Yabe, was looking for his father’s whereabouts with his friend in the school during summer vacation and Masao found Reiko. Then Masao was wrapped up in a mysterious atmosphere, and strange creatures appear…