Vengeance of the Zombies – Spain, 1973 – reviews

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Vengeance of the Zombies – original title: La rebelión de las muertas – is a 1973 Spanish horror feature film directed by León Klimovsky from a screenplay by Paul Naschy, who also stars.

In 1980, the movie was re-released  in the US as Walk of the Dead to cash-in the success of George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead.


A mysterious man rampages throughout England killing unsuspecting women. Each time a victim is murdered, they are brought back to life by an Indian guru named Kantaka (Naschy) to join his army of zombies…

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“There’s some gore abound, including a great money shot where an old woman’s severed head falls to the ground when her still-standing corpse is shaken.” DVD Drive-In

” …three performances from Naschy (as the well meaning fakir, as his evil brother, and in an effective nightmare sequence, as the devil himself!), several gory neck slashings (one self inflicted!), a gaggle of green faced undead gals, and Mr. Waldemar himself giving you all he’s got.” The Terror Trap








vengeance of the zombies

vengeance of the zombies paul naschy 1973

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Cast and characters:

  • Paul Naschy … Krisna / Kantaka / Satán
  • Romy … Elvire Irving (as Rommy)
  • Mirta Miller … Kala
  • María Kosty … Elsie (as Maria Kosti)
  • Aurora de Alba … Olivia Mortimer
  • Luis Ciges … MacMurdo (as Louis Ciges)
  • Pierre Besari … Ti Zachary
  • Antonio Pica … Superintendent Hawkins
  • Elsa Zabala … Susan
  • Montserrat Julió … Flora (as Monserrat Julió)
  • Ramón Lillo … Basehart (as Ramon Lillo)
  • Norma Kastel … Gloria Irving (as Norma Kastell)
  • Ingrid Rabel … Muerta
  • Asunción Molero … Muerta (as Asuncion Molero)
  • Fernando Sánchez Polack … Augusto (as Fernando Sanchez-Polak) (as Fernando S. Polack)
  • Alfonso de la Vega … Absalon
  • Víctor Barrera … Doctor Lawrence Radcliffe (as Vic Winner)

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  1. What a wonderfully insane, anything goes, 1970s Euro Horror outing. Really love the sexy zombie women and the totally inappropriate main theme. Infamous as the movie that made some satanists show up and Naschy’s house in order to enlist him as their leader. Mrs. Naschy sent them packing!

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