Dracula Has Risen from the Grave is a 1968 British supernatural horror feature film directed by Freddie Francis and produced by Aida Young for Hammer Films. The movie stars Christopher Lee, Rupert Davies, Veronica Carlson, Barry Andrews, Barbara Ewing, Ewan Hooper and Michael Ripper.


A middle-European village is still in the throes of Dracula’s reign of terror (see Dracula: Prince of Darkness), where an altar boy discovers the body of a woman stuffed in the church’s bell. She is another victim of Dracula, and the village – which Dracula’s castle overlooks – is terrified.

A year after Dracula has been destroyed, a Monsignor (Davies) comes to the village on a routine visit only to find the altar boy is now a frightened mute. The villagers refuse to attend Mass at church because “the shadow of his castle touches it”. The Priest has apparently lost his faith. To bring to an end the villagers’ fears, the Monsignor climbs to the Castle to exorcise it.

The Priest cannot follow him up the mountain and the Monsignor continues alone. As the Monsignor exorcises the castle, attaching a large metal cross to its gate, a storm strikes, and the Priest tries to run, but falls and is knocked out, cutting his head on rock. His blood trickles into a frozen stream; through a crack in the melting ice it trickles on to the lips of the preserved body of Count Dracula and brings it to life…


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Cast and characters:

  • Christopher Lee … Dracula
  • Rupert Davies … Monsignor
  • Veronica Carlson … Maria
  • Barbara Ewing … Zena
  • Barry Andrews … Paul
  • Ewan Hooper … Priest
  • Marion Mathie … Anna
  • Michael Ripper … Max
  • John D. Collins … Student
  • George A. Cooper … Landlord
  • Christopher Cunningham … Farmer (as Chris Cunningham)
  • Norman Bacon … Boy
  • Frank Forsyth … Villager (uncredited)
  • Philip Stewart … Tavern Customer (uncredited)