HUSK (2011) Reviews and overview


Husk is a 2011 American horror film directed by Brett Simmons (The Monkey’s Paw). It was released as part of the ‘After Dark’ original films series.

The movie stars Devon Graye, C. J. Thomason, Tammin Sursok and Ben Easter.


Five friends on a weekend holiday become stranded in secluded farmland after wild crows attack their SUV. The friends soon realise that the cornfields are inhabited by reanimated, vicious human scarecrows who produce their offspring by killing anyone they get a hold of and forcing their undead victims to join their ranks.

Husk 2011 scary scarecrow


“The film does blatantly rip-off many aspects of the 1988 William Wesley cult horror film, Scarecrows while mashing up some themes from films like Children of the Corn and Texas Chainsaw. But Husk mostly succeeds in its clever genre-bending.” IGN


“This is pretty much the standard After Dark flick that we’ve all come to expect over the last few years. Standard story, standard characters doing the same standard things, and the same standard dialogue.” AnythingHorror


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