DR. JEKYLL’S DUNGEON OF DEATH (1979) Reviews and overview


Doctor Jekyll’s Dungeon of Death is a 1979 American horror film co-written and directed by James Wood. It was also released as Doctor Jekyll’s Dungeon of Darkness, The Dungeon and The Jekyll Experiment.


In his underground lab beneath a San Francisco mansion, the great-grandson of the original Doctor Jekyll experiments on kidnapped people using an aggression serum. Once aggressive, his victims battle in each in wrestling matches to the death.

Assisted by his lobotomised sister and a disabled black servant, Jekyll prowls the streets of the night for more victims who are to become his tortured “guinea pigs”. Failure brings desperation as Jekyll holds a professor’s daughter hostage to get him to cooperate with his mad plan…



“Right off the bat, I knew this would be a very special movie, as Jekyll explains the history of his great grandfather, how his serum didn’t work, etc. Typical stuff, but what makes it puzzling is that he says this as we watch two guys beat the crap out of each other in a dimly lit basement as if they put the VO on the wrong movie. Later we learn what’s going on, not that it makes much sense, but at least we know for sure that this is indeed the movie they were making.” Horror Movie a Day

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