Unhinged (1982) reviews and overview

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‘Violence beyond reason. Victims beyond help…’

Unhinged is a 1982 American slasher horror feature film produced and directed by Don Gronquist from a screenplay co-written with Reagan Ramsey. The movie stars Laurel Munson, Janet Penner and Sara Ansley.

Even though Unhinged had received a cinema certificate from the BBFC in 1983, it is perhaps most notable for being among the seventy-two British video nasties.


Three college girls, Terry, Nancy and Gloria, leave for a rock concert.

Unhinged 1982 aerial shot

A thunderstorm begins, when Nancy, speeding down the road, runs over a log, plummeting the car into a steep ravine. Terry awakes to find her and her friends alive but sheltered in an old mansion in the middle of nowhere, owned by the Penrose’s, Marion and her mother, and their groundskeeper/doctor friend, Norman. Gloria is the only one with serious injuries, so Marion suggests that they spend the night until Gloria is able to leave with them…


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“You’ll probably be laughing quite a bit while viewing this film. If it’s not from the acting, it’ll be due to the several shots actors staring blankly into the camera. However, your laughter will be interrupted by somewhat left-of-center themes and a genuinely gruesome climax. I’m not sure if Unhinged deserves its “banned” reputation, as it’s a bit tame compared to other “nasties” from this era, but the kill scenes were definitely effective, if not chilling.” Bleeding Skull!

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Choice dialogue:

“Deny it, you slut!”

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