MAUSOLEUM (1983) Reviews and overview

‘Centuries of evil have just been awakened’ Mausoleum is a 1983 American horror film directed by Michael Dugan from a screenplay written by producers Robert Barich and Robert Madero (Camp …

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Top B-movie ‘Alien’ rip-offs

Inseminoid (1981) Alien 2: On Earth (1980) Contamination aka Alien Contamination (1980) The Intruder Within (1981) Forbidden World aka Mutant (1982) Creature aka The Titan Find (1985) Xtro II: The …

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HOWLING III (1987) Reviews and overview

‘The “howling” terror continues’ Howling III is a 1987 Australian comedic horror film about a werewolf colony that has descended from a now-extinct marsupial wolf. Also known as Howling III: …

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THE FOG (1980) Reviews and overview

‘Lock your doors. Bolt your windows. There’s something in…’ The Fog is a 1980 American horror film about an unearthly fog that rolls into a small coastal town exactly 100 …

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The Amityville horror movies timeline

The Amityville Horror (Stuart Rosenberg, 1979) Amityville II: The Possession (Damiano Damiani, 1982) Amityville 3-D (Richard Fleischer, 1983) Amityville: The Evil Escapes aka Amityville 4: The Evil Escapes (Sandor Stern, …

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VENOM (1981) Reviews and overview

Venom is a 1981 British thriller film directed by Piers Haggard (The Blood on Satan’s Claw; Quatermass TV serial, 1979) from a screenplay written by Richard Carrington (Mind Over Murder; …

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