VAMPIRE GIRL VS. FRANKENSTEIN GIRL (2009) Reviews and overview

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Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl (吸血少女対少女フランケン, Kyūketsu Shōjo tai Shōjo Furanken) is a 2009 Japanese horror feature film. It was directed by Yoshihiro Nishimura (HelldriverTokyo Gore PoliceZombie TV) and Naoyuki Tomomatsu. It is based on a manga of the same name by Shungiku Uchida.


In a typical Tokyo High School, a perpetually teenage vampire named Monami (Yukie Kawamura) falls for her classmate, Mizushima (Takumi Saito), who happens to already be the reluctant boyfriend to the vice-principal/science professor’s daughter, Keiko (Eri Otoguro), a leader of a teen gang.

The ensuing love triangle leads Keiko to seek the assistance of her father who, unbeknown to his daughter, moonlights as a Kabuki-clad mad scientist with the school nurse as his assistant.

The pair experiment on students in the school basement hoping to discover the secret of reanimating corpses (akin to the work of Victor Frankenstein). Their hopes are answered when they discover a solution of Monami’s blood holds the properties to bring life to dead body parts and inanimate objects…


“If you show up to Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl expecting anything but a bloodbath, you may be let down. The whole movie plays out like Dead Alive had it been directed by John Waters. It’s loaded with goofy jokes and an extended period of the running time is dedicated to people revelling in slow motion under a geyser of blood.” Cinema Suicide

“Insane creatures, delightful take on the vampire and Frankenstein stories, every person has 60 gallons of blood in their body, over-exaggerated high school cliques, sexy school uniforms. I thought it was great…” Happy Otter

“It’s very very gory and played for laughs, which mostly don’t work (it might be a cultural thing, but I think they just aren’t funny). It’s yet another attempt to make a sure-fire cult movie.” Down Among the Z Movies


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