DOOM (2005) Reviews and overview


‘No one gets out alive’

Doom is a 2005 science fiction horror action feature film directed by former cinematographer Andrzej Bartkowiak (Species) from a screenplay by David Callaham and Wesley Strick. It is loosely based on the video game series of the same name created by id Software. The movie stars Karl Urban, Dwayne Johnson and Rosamund Pike.

Clint Mansell (StokerBlack SwanBlood: The Last Vampire) wrote the soundtrack score.

The film was budgeted at $60 million but took just $56 million at the box office.


In the year 2046, a heavily populated research facility on Mars is suddenly attacked by an unknown assailant. Following a distress call sent by Doctor Todd Carmack, a group of marines, led by Asher “Sarge” Mahonin, is sent on a search-and-rescue mission. One of the marines, John “Reaper” Grimm, accompanies his sister, Doctor Samantha Grimm, to one of the labs within the devastated sector to retrieve data; here he learns that the dig site where their parents were accidentally killed was reopened and ancient skeletons of a genetically enhanced race were discovered.

While searching for survivors in the facility, the marines find Doctor Carmack, who is taken to a medical room for examination, but later disappears. The marines find a creature that leads them down to the facility’s sewer. Marine Eric “Goat” Fantom is killed during their pursuit, along with the creature. The corpses of Goat and the creature are taken to the medical room. Marine Gregory “Duke” Schofield stays with Sam as she starts an autopsy when they are attacked by a second creature. After trapping it, Sam continues the autopsy on the first creature, finding that its organs are human. Goat suddenly revives and then kills himself by slamming his head against a glass window.

The squad tracks a third creature down into the dig site, where it kills three more marines. Sam and Reaper try to convince Sarge that the creatures are humans from the facility, mutated by the addition of a Martian chromosome (called C24) they found and synthesized from the bones discovered, and that not all of those infected will fully transform into creatures. Regardless, Sarge orders his team to sanitize the entire facility. Sarge kills the creature in the medical lab (revealed to be a mutated Doctor Carmack) and executes one of his marines for defying his commands. Sam and the surviving marines are then flanked by the infected, partly mutated, humans. Only Sam and a wounded Reaper escape. Sam injects Reaper with the C24 serum, enhancing his abilities so he is able to kill the infected humans and fully mutated creatures. Reaper then battles an infected Sarge and kills him. Having survived, Sam and Reaper enter the elevator to leave the facility.


“Unlike the game, that threat ultimately does not signify a literal breach of Hell, but a more figurative definition. Yes, that’s correct: they reneged on Doom‘s conflict-creation story. For those that actual sweat such details, in many ways this actually helps to slightly amplify the weak source material, if you’re actually willing to listen to some of the pseudo-science drivel, but it is still all too vague and rather silly.” The New Gamer

“Sometime in the future (I think), a group of soldiers who can be evenly divided into the categories of “uninteresting” or “unlikable” use a Star Trek transporter to go to Mars. When they get there they find themselves in a movie studio infested with big lumps of rabid homicidal latex. What ensues is a tedious series of firefights between the soldiers, armed to the teeth with the latest weaponry from Toys R Us, and the mutant blobs of latex.” Banned in Queensland

” …the movie streaks by in unscannable short bursts of gunfire. Doom is plenty bloody and violent, though the hyperactive editors (four are credited) make sure you don’t see much of the carnage, in effect doing the MPAA’s censorious work for it. The videogame was (notoriously) much more brutal; the movie is suggestively brutal, offering quick glimpses of torn flesh, spattered blood.” Rob Gonsalves,

Cast and characters:

  • Karl Urban … Staff Sgt. John “Reaper” Grimm
  • Dwayne Johnson … Gunnery Sgt. Asher “Sarge” Mahonin
  • Rosamund Pike … Doctor Samantha Grimm
  • Razaaq Adoti … Sgt. Gregory “Duke” Schofield
  • Richard Brake … Cpl. Dean Portman
  • Dexter Fletcher … Marcus “Pinky” Pinzerowski
  • Al Weaver … Private Mark “The Kid” Dantalian
  • Ben Daniels … Corporal Eric “Goat” Fantom
  • DeObia Oparei … Sgt. Gannon “Destroyer” Roark
  • Yao Chin … Private 1st Class Katsuhiko Kumanosuke “Mac” Takahashi
  • Robert Russell … Doctor Todd Carmack
  • Brian Steele … Hell Knight / Curtis Stahl
  • Doug Jones … Carmack Imp / Willits Imp

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