A Night in the Woods – UK, 2010


A Night in the Woods is a 2011 low-budget British horror film directed by Richard Parry shot in the found footage style. The film stars Scoot McNairyAnna Skellern and Andrew Hawley.

American camera obsessive Brody (McNairy), his girlfriend Kerry (Skellern) and her cousin Leo (Hawley) go on an ill-advised camping trip in Dartmoor’s Wistman’s Wood. Soon, paranoia and bitter retribution ensues…

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“This good-looking, creditably tangled Brit entry benefits from a better-than-average jolt-count and rigorous, dirty-fingernails acting from Scoot McNairy (Monsters) and Anna Skellern as a troubled couple…” The Guardian

“In order to engender a sense of mild mystery, the film presents a few snippets of archive material (shot before the trip) to give the character motives some context. This not only dampens the intensity of being trapped alone, at night, on the moors, but is the equivalent of shouting “look, look, this is why this person is doing this!” in your face.” Little White Lies

“While there are a few moments of tension towards the final act, they are too few and far between thus preventing A Night in the Woods from being effective.” Daily Record

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