SEED OF CHUCKY (2004) Reviews and overview


‘Fear the Second Coming.’

Seed of Chucky is a 2004 American supernatural comedy slasher horror film written and directed by Don Mancini (making his directorial debut), who created the series and has written all of the films. It is the fifth installment of the Child’s Play series, and sequel to 1998’s Bride of Chucky.

The film, shot in Romania, continues the series’ evolution from the pure horror genre of the first movie to a hybrid horror-comedy. It was the last Child’s Play film to be released in theaters and stars Jennifer Tilly, Redman and Hannah Spearritt. Italian composer Pino Donaggio provided the score.

Glen, the kind and benevolent son of Chucky and Tiffany, has a nightmare in which he murders a little girl’s parents. In reality, he is living a life of embarrassment and abuse as a ventriloquist’s dummy. After being forced to perform and locked inside a cage, Glen sees Chucky and Tiffany on TV and realizes that he is their son.

Desperate to know his parents, Glen tracks Chucky and Tiffany down to Hollywood, where they are first shown killing a man who is dressed as Santa Claus for a movie.

Jason Flemyng as Santa is killed off

Glen manages to escape his abusive owner, hitch a ride on a truck, and mail himself in a box to California. He wakes up in the prop room of Jennifer Tilly’s horror film, which includes the Chucky and Tiffany dolls. Glen uses the same voodoo amulet seen in previous films to bring them back to life…

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“With its wealth of sly digs at Hollywood (Jennifer Tilly gives a hilarious, self-mocking performance and deserves kudos for it), its display of the most fun dysfunctional family to consist of animated child’s dolls and it’s liberal sprinkling of gore, Seed of Chucky takes the ideas alluded to in Bride… and simply follows them to their natural end.” Kevin Matthews, Flickfeast

“While Seed of Chucky has its moments, there’s just too much goofiness crammed into this one for it to stand up to Bride. Granted, Tilly is great in her role and she shows a real knack for the more comedic elements required of her here but she’s not enough to fix the one major problem with the film – the child doll is completely irritating. For a film that focuses on the character so closely, they did a bad job of making him tolerable.” Ian Jane, Rock! Shock! Pop!

“If you’re thinking of Seed of Chucky as a horror movie, you can forget about it. It’s not scary. If you do not by now find Chucky and the other killer dolls tiresome, I do (this is their fifth movie). If you like the way Jennifer Tilly has fun with her image (and, in what can only be called selfless generosity, with Gina Gershon’s image), Seed of Chucky is a movie to be seen on television.” Roger Ebert

“The horror is bland, the characterization is lame, the performances are phoned in especially by Jennifer Tilly who spoofs herself… oddly, and the film’s idea of comedy is having two dolls karate fight, which I’m still uncertain if it was played for comedy or not. Safely speaking, it’s a very bad film that won’t save a franchise that’s already DOA.” Felix Vasquez, Cinema Crazed

“Don Mancini pumps Seed of Chucky up into an outrageous work that quite takes one aback. He plays up the black comedy angle from Bride of Chucky by a factor of ten and delves into an arena that frequently verges on outrageously bad taste. Moreover, his one other ingenious idea is to set Seed of Chucky during the making of a Child’s Play sequel, casting Jennifer Tilly as herself and allowing some rather funny gags at both the meta-film and Tilly’s career.” Richard Scheib, Moria

Cast and characters:

Brad Dourif as the voice of Chucky (Chucky series; Malignant; Spontaneous Combustion)
Jennifer Tilly as herself / voice of Tiffany (Bride of Chucky)
Billy Boyd as the voice of Glen/Glenda
Redman as Himself
Hannah Spearritt as Joan
John Waters as Pete Peters (Suburban Gothic)
Jason Flemyng as himself / Santa (Eat Local; Forbidden Empire; The Bunker; From Hell)
Steve Lawton as Stan
Tony Gardner as himself
Martha Stewart (uncredited, archive footage) as herself
Rebecca Santos as Fulvia
Keith-Lee Castle as Bill “Psychs” Sykes
Paul Grossman as Little Boy
Simon James Morgan as Richard
Stephanie Chambers as Claudia’s mom
Betty Simons-Denville as Claudia
Debbie Lee Carrington as herself (DVD deleted scenes, uncredited)

Filming locations:

Almost entirely on the Castel soundstages in Romania

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