PSYCHO SLEEPOVER (2008) Reviews and overview

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psycho sleepover

‘Don’t forget to bring your body bag… I mean… uhh… sleeping bag.’

Psycho Sleepover is a 2008 American comedy horror slasher film written and directed by Adam Deyoe and Eric Gosselin. The film is distributed by Troma Entertainment and co-founder Lloyd Kaufman has a cameo role. It stars Felissa Rose, Paul Rust, Rachel Castillo, Emilia Richeson, Ariel Teal Toombs.

After accidentally murdering her boyfriend, Debbie Dicky moves to a new town and meets three girls who invite her to a sleepover. The very same night there is a breakout at the local insane asylum where forty serial killers escape and head over to crash the party. However, the girls at the slumber party might not be as helpless as the killers think…


‘The movie is actually genuinely funny and the gore is fairly impressive. This film’s problem? Way too many frickin’ characters. What sleepover has a dozen girls, a dozen guys, and two dozen crazies outside looking to kill them? It just becomes redundant to the point where you don’t care who lives or who dies …’ Slasher Studios

psycho sleepover babes

‘This flick has only two things going for it: 1) Lloyd Kaufman makes a brief cameo; and 2) the filmmakers (Adam Deyoe and Eric Gosselin) let their audience know right from the start that the movie is a piece of crap, and they just wanted to have fun (although they wouldn’t object to making a few bucks for their “efforts”) and make a movie with a lot of naked breasts bouncing around.’ Technorati

‘Surprisingly, Psycho Sleepover is pretty entertaining. I found a lot of the corny dialog about blowjobs and boners pretty hilarious. This is definitely a movie for immature boys – if that’s you, it’s actually a pretty good time for the most part.’ Film School Rejects

“Shot for peanuts, this rises above your average shot-on-DV title by several notches thanks to some clever verbal and sight gags, some surprising T&A and grotesque sex scenes, and a wild free-for-all climax that paints the walls red.” Nathaniel Thompson, Mondo Digital

‘The movie doesn’t take itself seriously and neither should anyone else. But what should be taken away from this one is the obvious fact that these folks had a good time making the movie and it comes across the screen that way.’ Rock! Shock! Pop!

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