Anatomy – Germany, 2000 – overview and reviews

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Anatomy (German: Anatomie) is a 2000 German horror feature film written and directed by Stefan Ruzowitzky that stars Franka Potente.

The film enjoyed a huge box office success in Germany, and Columbia Pictures released the film’s English-dubbed version in the United States theatrically. A sequel, Anatomy 2 (Anatomie 2) was released in 2003.

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Paula (Franka Potente) is overjoyed to be offered a place on an anatomy course taught by a celebrated professor. But when she attends her first class she is shocked to discover the corpse of a student acquaintance lying on the slab in front of her. In addition to this, as the term continues, she can’t help noticing the large number of students who are mysteriously disappearing and sets out to investigate.

Paula gradually learns that many of her teachers and classmates are members of the Anti-hippocratic League. This secret society carries out unethical vivisection experiments on live human specimens and has been active in the medical profession since the 16th century with a special peak during the Third Reich….


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“German filmmaker Stefan Ruzowitzky brings plenty of chills and suspense to this often intriguing film, which is everything the sadly mishandled The Skulls wasn’t. Although it has a number of blemishes, Anatomie is nonetheless a taut, engrossing thriller that will linger in the memory.” David Edwards, Urban Cinefile

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“All technical aspects of the film are solid, as with just about every film I’ve seen from Germany. The atmosphere is spot on, with moody cinematography and crisply modern production design. However, I do have a few minor complaints. I do wish that the film had been scarier. The setup was there, but it just failed to maintain the horror factor as the plot revealed itself more and more.” The Horror Effect

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  1. Yet again another one that sort of left me feeling a bit indifferent. I think there was a second one too – perhaps more – but they never really stuck with me. I remember something about solidifying gunk injected into the victims and that’s about it.

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