JACK BROOKS: MONSTER SLAYER (2007) Reviews and overview



Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer is a Canadian comedy horror monster movie produced by Brookstreet Pictures. The film was directed Jon Knautz and stars Trevor Matthews, Robert Englund and Rachel Skarsten.

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A plumber named Jack’s (Trevor Matthews) family is slaughtered by a demonic beast. While fixing the pipes for Doctor Crowley (Robert Englund) who awakens an evil source and eventually transforms his body into a monster.

With the evil spreading out of control, Jack harnesses his anger to face the monsters and avenge his family…

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Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer is some of the most fun I’ve had with a monster movie in recent years. Despite a slow build, the action and cheese are available with abundance. The practical-style special effects make for a refreshing experience that too often seems to get lost in the modern day push for cheaper CGI effects.” B-Movie Geek

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer is the type of pre-digested cult film that’s easier to admire than actually enjoy. A polite tip of the hat to “Evil Dead” and all things “Buffy,” this horror/comedy is lacking proper oomph in both categories, resulting in a movie of commendable purpose, but lackluster realization.” DVD Talk

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