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Black Magic

Black Magic – original title: Jiang tou – is a 1975 Hong Kong supernatural horror film produced by Shaw Brothers. It was directed by Ho Meng-hua and stars Lung Ti and Lieh Lo.



Rural sorcerer Shan Jianmi (Ku Feng) terrorizes the populace by selling his evil abilities to anyone offering the right price. When a young couple suffers a horrible death from one of Shan’s curses, benevolent seer Furong (Koo Man-chung) engages him in a magical battle but is not quite able to vanquish his rival.

Handsome construction engineer Xu Nuo (Ti Lung) is coveted by rich widow Luo Yin (Tanny Tien Ni), but he continually rejects her advances. Meanwhile, gold digger Liang Jiajie (Lo Lieh) covets Yin and strikes a deal with Shan to cast a love spell.

When Yin realizes what has been done to her, she decides that Shan’s magic is the answer to getting Nuo into her arms. The spell is effective and Nuo walks out on his wife (Lily Li Li-li) during their wedding reception. She soon realizes what has happened and enlists the aid of Furong to save Nuo and destroy Shan…


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Black Magic has a reputation for outrageous sleaze and gruesomeness, — I haven’t described the makings of some of Sha’s potions, but one involves a woman stuffing rice in an intimate place –but I found it great fun. It’s solid, sincere entertainment whether you find it amusing or revolting.” Mondo 70

“While time has blunted its shocks somewhat, Ho Meng-hua’s Black Magic remains an enjoyably gruesome thriller. Shan’s spells utilize unholy ingredients like human milk, blood, flayed skin, severed heads, and an unidentified putrescence drawn from a freshly exhumed corpse. There are other charming elements like self-mutilation […] people disintegrating into masses of putrid flesh, maggots, and bone in a matter of seconds (unconvincing lap dissolves), and one especially unlucky victim is left with worms crawling around under her skin!” Hong Kong Digital

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