DEMON QUEEN (1987) Reviews and overview

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Demon Queen is a 1987 American shot-on-video horror film about a female succubus who goes on a rampage seeking blood.

Written and directed by Donald Farmer (Bigfoot Exorcist; Shark Exorcist; Dorm of the Dead; Vampire Cop; Scream Dream; Cannibal Hookers; et al). Produced by Sterling Bingham, Donald Farmer and David Reed.

The Camera 1 Productions movie stars Mary Fanaro, Dennis Stewart, Clifton Dance and Patti Valliere.


“Running less than an hour and filled with wonderful dialogue, Demon Queen marks a fundamental change in the approach of SOV horror. The film is lean, direct, straight to the point and gory […] But equally impressive is Farmer’s grassroots approach to filming, essentially due to a lack of time and money.” Richard Mogg, Analog Nightmares: The Shot on Video Horror Films of 1982 – 1995

“The acting is hilarously bad, the character Izzy might be one of the most unintimidating gangsters to ever appear on screen. The camerawork and editing is pretty bad […] The pacing is pretty good, there are noticeable attempts to pad out the running time and the very thin storyline.” Independent Flicks

” …a short, no-budget vampire drone, that is crude but entertaining. A SOV trashterpiece filled with cheap thrills, neon lights, goopy gore and droning synths. Has the best beating-heart-ripped-from-chest scenes $20 can buy.” Lou (rhymes with wow!) 

“The film is a collection of characters and threads which are never woven together. Still, the prosthetic effects are surprisingly effective given the microbudget and the whole effort has the regional folk art charm these video market titles of the era often carried. The dialog in Farmer’s flick is often inaudible and no one seems comfortable in front of the camera.” Teenage Frankenstein 

Cast and characters:

Mary Fanaro … Lucinda
Dennis Stewart … Jesse
Clifton Dance … Bone (as Clif Dance)
Patti Valliere … Wendy
Robert Tidwell … Video Store Clerk
Annett Van Grinsven … Video Store Victim
David Blood … Mall Pickup
Debbie Leigh … Street Victim
Lauren St. Micheal
Mark Holman
Rick Foster … Izzi (as Ric Foster)
Michele Poncier … Nikki

Filming locations:

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Donelson, Tennessee (Fantasy House Records and Video)
Star Cast Studios, Miami, Florida

Filming dates:

Sometime in 1986.


The image for the Massacre Video DVD release of Demon Queen was taken from the artwork for the Italian film Nightmare City (1980) as this is the background image shown during the opening credits of the film.


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