Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde – USA, 1976 – reviews

dr black mr hyde

‘The fear of the year is here!’

Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde – aka The Watts Monster – is a 1976 American blaxploitation horror feature film. It was very loosely inspired by the novella, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson.

The film stars Bernie Casey (Gargoyles; In The Mouth of Madness) and Rosalind Cash (The Omega Man; Tales from the Hood) and was directed by William Crain, who had also directed the successful Blacula for American International Pictures in 1972.



An African-American scientist develops a formula to regenerate dying liver cells, but it has the unfortunate after-effect of turning him into an albino vampire with a mania for killing prostitutes. A tough police lieutenant investigating the murders discovers the existence of the dual-personality killer, and determines to bring him in…



“Even though it’s bursting with nasty dive bars, sleazy violence, random nudity, hilariously dumb racial innuendos, and timeless repartee (“Nigga, please.”), Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde still manages to knock you into a dull coma at the end of 90 minutes.” Joseph A Ziemba, Bleeding Skull

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“It’s a pretty decent little slice of cinematic nostalgia that wins a few extra points for positively reveling in setting a few tried-and-true Hollywood cliches on their rear ends.” Trash Film Guru

“A well-done back alley chase, an elderly hospital patient who goes through a brief but miraculous transformation, and a King Kong-like finale that takes place atop Los Angeles’ famous Watts Tower are all semi-engaging distractions. An attempt at horror that is more silly than scary.” Josiah Howard, Blaxploitation Cinema

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“Kooky premise or no kooky premise, Crain’s efforts are so bad that they make you wish a director with a lot less good taste and a modicum of talent had helmed the film instead.” Simon Abrams, Slant Magazine

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Dr Black

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