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‘Rabid, drug-infested hippies on a blood-crazed killing rampage!’

I Drink Your Blood is 1970 American horror film written and directed by David E. Durston. It was filmed with the working title Phobia and produced by Jerry Gross.

The movie stars Bhaskar Roy Chowdhury, Jadin Wong, Rhonda Fultz, George Patterson (God Told Me To) and [uncredited] Lynn Lowry (The CraziesShivers; Cat People).

In the UK, 88 Films released the film on Blu-ray and DVD on July 10, 2017.

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Grindhouse Releasing released the film in the US on a two-disc Blu-ray in November 2016. 


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Special features:

– Spectacular new HD restoration of the original uncensored director’s cut
– Four controversial deleted scenes including the original blood-drenched ending deemed too disturbing for ’70s audiences!
– Provocative audio commentary by director David Durston and star Bhaskar
– Newly recorded audio commentary by stars Jack Damon and Tyde Kierney
– Revealing on-camera interviews with stars Lynn Lowry, Tyde Kierney and Jack Damon
– New in-depth interview with director David Durston
– The original theatrical trailer and radio spots
– Extensive gallery of stills and poster art
– Rare and shocking film of Bhaskar performing the evil king cobra dance
– Two bonus features:
I Eat Your Skin (1964) – presented for the very first time in HD
+ exclusive interview with 2nd unit director William Grefe
Blue Sextet (1969) – David Durston’s long-lost psychedelic shocker – presented for the very first time on home video!
– Liner notes by David Szulkin
– Embossed slipcover

I Drink Your Blood became a Times Square exploitation film and drive-in theater staple. It was one of the first films to receive an X-rating from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) based on violence rather than nudity.

Several scenes needed to be altered to qualify the film for an “R” so the producer distributed the original film asking that each projectionist censor the film as seen fit for their market. There were 280 prints made and countless differently censored versions were in circulation. The prints for the Los Angeles and New York City showings were censored by Durston himself.

I Drink Your Blood 2

A 2002 Grindhouse Releasing/Box Office Spectaculars DVD release presented the original uncensored version along with numerous extras.


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A band of satanist hippies led by Horace Bones roll into a town and begin terrorising the local folk. They carnally assault a local young woman and her grandpa goes after them. He fails and is given LSD.

This bothers his grandson and he gets back at the hippies by feeding them meat pies infected with blood from a rabid dog. They turn into crazed lunatics and begin killing and/or infecting everything in their path…

I Drink7


“I’m left shocked and astounded. I Drink Your Blood is a sickie, but it’s also a pretty enjoyable night of drive-in grind, the kind you often read about, but don’t believe exists. It’s too outlandish for me to fall in love with, but I can’t deny that the film delivers on its promises.” Bleeding Skull!

“The picture offers chaos, diseased construction workers, and a mano a mano confrontation between Rollo and Horace that pits ax vs. sword. I Drink Your Blood is unexpectedly lively once Durston works up to a resolution, working well with locations and gore, living up to the X-rating the playful movie didn’t deserve.” Blu-ray.com

“There isn’t a whole lot of narrative cohesion, although given its budget it is well-shot and competently made. The acting in the film is a mixed bag, but Bhaskar Roy Chowdhury is an absolute blast as our lead sicko, and his performance is worth the price of admission alone.” Death & Giggles7

” … a raw and nasty horror film […] And yet the script is intelligent (and gets better as it goes), the plot logical, the soundtrack eerie, the cinematography vibrant. Production values are surprisingly high. The actors, especially India-born Bhaskar Chowdhury as the hippie Satanist leader, are completely into their roles. It’s disgusting and offensive, but thrilling to watch.” David Elroy Goldweber, Claws & Saucers


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I drink rabid hippie

“The dialogue is completely risible; the acting is marvellously sh*t; the way characters witness something obscenely violent then talk normally about something else within seconds has to be seen to be believed … but it cannot be denied that Durston’s script thrives on pure exploitative horror and that his direction keeps things moving at a satisfyingly breakneck pace.” SGM




I Drink Your Blood’s “shock ‘em because you can” attitude and complete lack of realism, message, or morality makes it a classic in age only.” Monsters at Play


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