SLEEP TIGHT (2012) Reviews and overview


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Sleep Tight – original title: Mientras duermes – is a 2012 Spanish horror thriller film directed by Jaume Balagueró and was written by Alberto Marini. It was developed under the title Flatmate. The movie stars Luis Tosar, Marta Etura and Alberto San Juan.

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An embittered concierge at a Barcelona apartment building plots to make the life of one happy-go-lucky resident a living nightmare…

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“Plenty of disturbing twists and turns lie in wait thanks to a sneaky (and darkly funny) script by Alberto Marini (Romasanta) and controlled, impressive direction by Spain’s current reigning maestro of horror, Jaume Balagueró.” Mondo Digital

“Balagueró gives us an exterminating angel that, however creepy, has caught a light sneeze from Norman Bates. But times are tough even at the movies these days, so an old-fashioned but spry game of cat and mouse will suffice.” Slant Magazine

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‘A complex, gripping, and in the end unpredictable, thriller that manages, in a genre almost defined by cliché, to shock and surprise, Sleep Tight is yet another sure-fire hit from Jaume Balagueró, proving that Hitchcock’s spirit is still alive and kicking in European cinema.’ Blogomatic 3000

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