The Inhabitant – Chile | Mexico, 2017 – overview


The Inhabitant – original title: El habitante – is a 2017 Chilean/Mexican supernatural horror film written and directed by Guillermo Amoedo (screenwriter on Knock Knock; The Green Inferno); it stars María Evoli, Vanesa Restrepo and Carla Adell.

One night, three edgy sisters break into the house of a prominent senator to steal money he obtained from bribes. During the burglary, the trio hear strange cries coming from the basement and decide to investigate.

Tied to a bed and with signs of having been brutally tortured, they discover the senator’s paraplegic daughter begging them to release her. However, they are unaware that far from being a victim of violence, the girl is possessed by a powerful darkness that will be responsible for opening the gates to another world…

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