EVIL aka TO KAKO (2005) Reviews and overview


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Evil, also known as Το Κακό in Greek, is 2005 Greek zombie horror film directed by Yourgos Noussias. The film is notable for being the first Greek zombie movie. It was a minor cult hit gaining a US DVD release and a sequel, Evil – In the Time of Heroes, was made in 2009.


Three construction workers discover an abandoned cave and are promptly attacked by a creature not shown on screen. Afterwards, the population of the city of Athens is turned into zombies, while the last remaining group of people attempt to survive…


“Truly the most important aspect of a film that hopes to make its bones on its excessive bloodshed. The good news for gorehounds is that there is plenty of gib-ulous mayhem to be found here. In fact, an argument could be made—successfully I believe—that Evil is less a “movie” than an 85 minute effects demo.” David Johnson, DVD Verdict

“Evil delivers on its promise of splatter and as the fest guide suggests, features an incredibly effective final shot. I couldn’t help thinking throughout, every time a head was split open or an eye was gouged…”been there done that.” Lesson learned? When it comes to the plethora of goofy and gory horror flicks available, you must choose wisely.” Lawrence P Raffel, Monsters at Play



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