SCARECROWS (1985) Reviews and overview


‘Trespassers will be violated.’

Scarecrows is a 1985 American supernatural horror feature film directed by William Wesley (Route 666) starring Ted Vernon and Michael David Simms.

The film was shot in Florida in 1985 only gaining a release three years later on VHS where it did really well.



Five anti-heroic bank robbing paramilitary mercenaries and war criminals steal three million dollars from Camp Pendleton and take two hostages, a pilot and his daughter. As the robbers fly towards Southern waters, one of the robbers steals the loot and parachutes into a dark field.

The remaining robbers land the plane and head for a broken-down house. The house has a demonic history, which causes scarecrows guarding surrounding graves to resurrect and slaughter all trespassers, dooming their victims to live on as scarecrows for all eternity…



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Reviews [click links to read more]:

” Off-the-wall touches, like a stiff breeze breathing life into a lost harmonica or phantom messages via phone and headset from dead colleagues and the vicious ‘crows themselves, propel the ambience via simple technical imagination. Gore is plentiful and the scarecrows are small marvels to behold, grotesque menageries of rustic life gone to horrifying seed.” Twitch

“While I agree it’s good, I can’t say it’s great. I think I struggled coming to that conclusion because it’s easy to see that it could have been great. As a Tales From the Crypt episode, this would have been one of the best. But as a feature length movie, Scarecrows remains only slightly above average.” Horror Digital



‘With no explanation of its fantasy content beyond a madman’s musing that maybe they were all killed during the robbery and are being punished in Hell, the film is free to be suggestively bizarre in its gory horrors as when a scarecrow replaces his missing hand with one sawn off a victim.’ Phil Hardy (editor), The Aurum Film Encyclopedia: Horror


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  1. Brian Voight my brother had just graduated from High School in Fresno California. Despite our mothers orders for Brian to stay until the Graduation Ceremony off he went across the US to Florida in a Datson 1200 and a dollar in his pocket. Doing Horror Makeup was his passion. I remember when he was 6yrs old be wanted to be a Wear wolf for Halloween and super glued brown hair, carpet, etc all over his body. When he arrived even though his job was to make sure everyone had coffee. He had the time of his life and came home with lots of pride, smiles and stories for us. . Miss you brother 1967-2012.

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