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‘Science created him. Now Chuck Norris must destroy him.’

Silent Rage is a 1982 American science-fiction action horror movie starring Chuck Norris, Ron Silver and William Finley. It was directed by Michael Miller (National Lampoon’s Class Reunion and many TV films). The killer, John Kirby is played by Brian Libby who has appeared in every Frank Darabont film to date.

Silent Rage was released theatrically in the United States by Columbia Pictures in April 1982. It grossed a respectable, if unspectacular, $10,490,791 at the US box office.

It was remade in 2009 as Indestructible.


Dan Stevens (Norris) is the sheriff of a small Texas town who checks out a disturbance which turns to murder. The assailant is still in the house and he tries to kill Dan, but the latter stops him and arrests him. The killer attempts to flee, but is shot and killed and is taken to a medical institute. Three doctors, led by Doctor Philip Spires, operate on the mystery figure and bring him back to life using a formula that they have concocted.

The resurrected man is seemingly indestructible. Doctor Tom Halman tries to terminate the mindless murderer, but he and his wife become victims themselves. After the two remaining doctors are wiped out, the killer goes after Doctor Halman’s sister Alison, and it’s up to Sheriff Dan Stevens to stop him…


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All UK DVD releases have over 40 seconds of cuts:

  • John Kirby’s axe blow to a man’s head has been deleted
  • The next killing, this time of a woman is missing two shots of Kirby with a vicious looking knife
  • Kirby’s killing of Nancy Halman is missing the bloody aftermath as she slumps to the floor leaving a blood trail on the wall.
  • The discovery of the corpse of Dr Vaughn with a syringe in his neck has less views of the body.


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“Whatever quibbles I have with Silent Rage, there is no denying that this is one entertaining flick. How many slasher movies feature Chuck Norris Kung Fuing killers with Wolverine healing abilities? You don’t see that shit every day, folks.” Mitch Lovell, The Video Vacuum

“A flop as a horror film, a flop as a sci-fi film and even a flop as a Chucky Norris fight fest (he basically does very little in a very bored fashion) Silent Rage is likely to bring out some very loud moments of rage from anyone unfortunate enough to have splashed out good money on buying it. ” Beardy Freak

” … a decent story and an ending with a promise of more to come and count ‘em, I say count ‘em 26 Chuck Norris round house kicks! Two of which are in slow motion and 14 of which happen in one bar fight that alone is worth a viewing wouldn’t you say? If you’re a Chuck Norris fan or even a Norris neophyte, this film is worth a look.” Horrorwatch


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