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Razorback is a 1984 Australian action-horror film, based on Peter Brennan’s novel, written by Everett De Roche, and directed by Russell Mulcahy who would later make the first two films in the Highlander trilogy. The movie stars Gregory Harrison, Arkie Whiteley, Bill Kerr and Judy Morris.

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By the early 1980s, Australian Russell Mulcahy had established himself as one of the leading music video directors in the world. He wanted to make features but at that point had only been offered musicals – a proposed sequel to Flashdance that was never made and Space Riders. He was offered Razorback in August 1982 and immediately accepted the job. The movie was mostly shot in Broken Hill.



New York TV journalist Beth Winters travels to the town of Granulla in the Australian Outback to conduct an investigation into the kangaroo slaughter industry, which has become so widespread that the kangaroo is nearly extinct.

When she sneaks into investigate the Pet Pak slaughterhouse with a camera, she is seen by the two psychopathic owners, brothers Dicko and Benny Baker, who pursue her and drive her car off the road. They attempt to assault her but flee with the appearance of a giant razorback boar, which kills Beth.

After Beth is reported missing, her husband Carl comes to Australia in search of answers. He is joined by a graduate scientist researching the boars and a farmer accused of killing his grandchild who is trying to prove that it was devoured by the razorback. Despite his efforts being thwarted by the Baker brothers, Carl sets out to hunt down and kill the razorback…


“There was a time when Mulcahy’s film was dismissed as too imitative or too oddball, but now it is seen in a whole new light. The story hosts a modest cache of nuance, and the visual output is tremendous. Most of all, buried beneath the ecological dread and creature mayhem is a visual poem about the outback, which has never looked so equally surreal and stark.” Bloody Disgusting

“This comes off as more a visual buffet of artful accomplishments versus a film based on solid characters and a well-moving plot, which isn’t a totally bad thing, just understand this is art over substance. But let’s not forget the insane gigantic wild boar! The monster is displayed in short spurts, but it looks gnarly and hideous, and above all else, f*cking awesome…” Cinesploitation

“Director Russell Mulcahy (who went on to make two Highlander films) renders a unique, neon-hued, Dali-esque universe shot with high-end mid-‘80s music-video aesthetics. The snarling, hard-charging pig is a whirlwind of tasks, teeth, flaring nostrils, and glaring eyes.” Mike “McBeardo” McFadden, Heavy Metal Movies

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“The film tail ended the 80’s nasties and was balanced in a limbo time before teen vampire films and MTV styled effects mad flicks came into fashion. Razorback is a time capsule and I doubt there’ll be a film quite like it again.” Severed Cinema


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Razorback Los Colmillos Del Infierno - Razorback - Russell Mulcahy - 1984 - Carteles - 008


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