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‘It’s no use bolting the doors… Nothing can keep out…’

The Evictors is a 1979 American horror crime film written and directed by Charles B. Pierce, who also made the similarly constructed The Town That Dreaded Sundown. Like that film, The Evictors is supposedly based on a true story. It stars Vic Morrow, Michael Parks and Jessica Harper.



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1942: A young just married couple, Ruth and Ben Watkins, rent a house in a village in Louisiana. Soon, Ruth is subject to a series of terrifying attacks while she is alone.


They discover that the attacks have something to do with the house’s past and that the rental agency did not tell them that all of previous inhabitants of the house have died under violent and mysterious circumstances…


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“The plot (city couple buy a lonely farm whose massacred former owners refuse to stay dead) may be perfunctory, but there are likeable performances, nice period details, and terrific set pieces, as well as a final twist incredible enough to be mildly surprising.” Time Out

The Evictors is a competent if minor film. Charles B. Pierce generates a reasonable degree of tension in the flashbacks. These occasionally touch on something nasty – like one scene where victims are burnt alive in a shed. Pierce also does a convincing job of creating the atmosphere of a 1940s Louisiana small town.” Richard Scheib, Moria


“What takes the film watchably out of the rut is its determination (until it has to deliver the goods at the end) to try to show how people might really behave when faced with such circumstances by going for low-key, questioning performances that avoid the usual screaming hysteria, a calm and judicious directional tempo and, above all, excellent locations that lend a genuine sense of place and community.” The Aurum Film Encyclopedia: Horror 

Main cast and characters:

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