CAPE KARMA (2007) Reviews and overview


Cape Karma is a 2007 Indian mystery thriller film with a “dark secrets” plot, shot in Scotland. It was directed by Pankaj Advani and stars Rahul Dev, Audrie Woodhouse and Gulshan Grover.

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After being separated from his wife, Kamini, loner Manav spends time with his ailing father-in-law, and dramatically meets with Maya J. Mundhra and both are attracted to each other.

They become intimate after a few meetings much to the chagrin of her horse-breeding wealthy husband who is already aware of their affair. Maya invites Manav to her husband’s mansion and conspires with him to elope with her, to which he agrees. And it is this decision that will endanger his life as well as expose a dark secret from his past…



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“The film starts off on a bizarre note and stays on like that right through its course. However, what pains you most about this ‘made-in-English’ film is that it tries too hard to be different. This means you see different shades of frame capturing on display as one scene transitions to another.” Bollywood Hungama


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