THE HORROR VAULT (2008) Overview

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The Horror Vault is a 2008 Danish direct to DVD anthology horror film directed by Kim Sønderholm and others.

It stars Kim Sønderholm, Claire-Ross Brown, Elisa Richardson, Barbara Zatler, Mandy Amano and Jonathon Trent.

Two further films were made with The Horror Vault 2 (2o09) and The Horror Vault 3 (2010).

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When Julia Met John: John comes upon Julia standing by the roadside and offers her a ride. She claims to have been dumped by a boyfriend. However, she quickly turns on John, accusing him of wanting to exploit her, despite his protests of being a family man.

Delusion: Flynn Bentwood attends a society party, his first social function after the death of his mother. However, the police suspect that Flynn pushed her down the stairs and the trauma is still near to the surface for him.


Alone: Ellen is left in the sorority house after all her fraternity sisters have gone away for the weekend. A detective comes knocking at the door, warning her to stay inside because a maniac killer is on the loose. However, one of the girls’ boyfriends comes, asking to be let in and warning of the killer who is posing as a detective.

Dead to the World: A True Story About a Killer:- Serial killer Ted Bundy is interviewed by a detective about a string of crimes where he sexually assaulted and murdered women.

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Mental Distortion: Pete finds the dead body of a girl in the bathtub. He continues to be haunted by her as he becomes involved with an old friend Maria.

Disconnected: Adam is dragged out of his apartment and brutally tortured by a man.

horor vault 5

The Demon: A very religious man picks up a girl hitchhiker and then signs into a hotel with her. He soon finds himself pursued by a demon.


Echoes: A man finds himself handcuffed to a bed and visited by nightmarish figures.

Retina: A group of people sit in a house terrified.

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“The Horror Vault is an overall haunting collection of horror films, showing style, character, and meaning. Together, they form a strong exploration of true horror; never knowing who may be capable of it, including yourself. The central theme is of not being able to see the truth and having your mind deluded until this delusion takes over you.” Film Arcade

horror vault 3

“The films on the disc are all different and interesting in their own rights. Some of them just seemed to have been cropped a bit too short to do the stories justice. They may not all be the best I’ve ever seen, but I can guarantee you there is far worse swimming around out there in the genre pool.”  Melissa Bostaph, Dread Central

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