The Creepy Coupe – car in ‘Wacky Races’ animated TV series



The Creepy Coupe is the #2 car in Wacky Races, Hanna Barbera’s popular cartoon, first aired in 1968. It is driven by The Gruesome Twosome (echoing the title of Herschell Gordon Lewis’s film of 1967), Big and Little Gruesome and their vehicle houses a dragon in the upper part of the car which is fashioned into a belfry.

Big Gruesome (a lurching, huge humanoid character) was voiced by Daws Butler, one of Hanna-Barbera’s most oft-used voice talents; he can be heard, amongst hundreds of others, as Yogi Bear, Bingo from The Banana Splits and Hair Bear from Help! It’s The Hairbear Bunch. His more diminutive companion, a purple-skinned vampire, was voiced by  Don Messick, who also performed the vocal requirements for Muttley and in other cartoons, such as Scooby Doo (the Great Dane himself) and junior annoyance Godzooky in the animated Godzilla series.


The vehicle, as well as housing a dragon, also comes with resident bats, ghosts, snakes and other horror characters, all of which aid them along their route by attacking their competitors or rescuing them from disaster; the dragon even allowed them to fly short distances. Using a Formula 1-style points system, it has been calculated that the Creepy Coupe would have finished in 4th position, over the course of three series.

ContestantsCar NameCar #1st2nd3rdTop 3Points
The Slag BrothersThe Boulder Mobile13831487
Rufus Ruffcut and SawtoothThe Buzzwagon103641379
The Ant Hill MobThe Bulletproof Bomb74521174
The Gruesome TwosomeThe Creepy Coupe23361269
Penelope PitstopThe Compact Pussycat54251168
The Red MaxThe Crimson Haybailer43431063
Professor Pat PendingThe Convert-A-Car33251059
Luke and Blubber BearThe Arkansas Chugabug8414958
Peter PerfectThe Turbo Terrific9422856
Sergeant Blast and Private MeekleyThe Army Surplus Special6310433
Dick Dastardly and MuttleyThe Mean Machine0000000
Grand Totals343434102646

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