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‘His whole face has gone!’

Scream of the Wolf  is a 1974 American horror television movie directed and produced by Dan Curtis (Burnt OfferingsDark Shadows; The Norliss Tapes; Trilogy of Terror) from a story by David Chase and a screenplay by Richard Matheson.

The film stars Peter Graves (Beginning of the End; Killers from Space), Clint Walker (Snowbeast; Killdozer) and Jo Ann Pflug.

The film originally aired by the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) on January 16, 1974. It is available on DVD via several public domain companies.




Adventure writer John Weatherby (Peter Graves) is called in by local police to give his opinion on a series of brutal murders that has them confused. The clues are not obvious and leave no clear trail. The tracks left at the murder site appear to be that of a wolf, or a man, or both.

Lost in his search for answers, Weatherby contacts his old friend Byron (Clint Walker), a mysterious hunter and a recluse, to help him track this unknown killer. His friend is not much help but may know more than what he’s willing to say…


“Not only is it roughly photographed (complete with random zooms), but it generally feels a little trashy, what with a werewolf supposedly roaming around gnawing people’s faces off. Only you never see it, of course, as the attacks are always interrupted by a well-timed commercial break, and all of the chewed up corpses manage to stay off screen due to TV restrictions.” Oh, the Horror!

Scream Of The Wolf (1974)

“The main problem with the ending is that it takes away most of the horror movie elements and leaves things with more of a thriller conclusion. Not terrible for a TV movie but not something I’d recommend unless you’re a big fan of 70’s style kitschiness.” Video Dead

” … only a tepid (because not much gore or violence could be shown) version of a werewolf tale coupled with a Most Dangerous Game plot.” Michael Karol, The ABC Movie of the Week Companion


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