CUCUY: THE BOOGEYMAN (2018) Reviews and overview

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‘You better behave’

Cucuy: The Boogeyman is a 2018 American supernatural horror feature film written, produced and directed by Peter Sullivan (The Sandman; Ominous; High School Possession; Summoned). The Hybrid/Production Media Films movie stars Marisol Nichols, Brian Krause, Jearnest Corchado, Bella Stine and Pedro Correa.


When children start disappearing, a rebellious teen under house arrest starts to suspect that a legendary evil, a boogeyman known as the Cucuy, might be responsible…


“No one will hum the music afterward, though it gets the job done in the moment. Same with the straightforward cinematography, sets, acting, and editing. Nothing stands out as particularly memorable, yet nothing sticks out as particularly awful either. Intentionally engineered to be average from start to finish, Cucuy comes in a safe wrapper, unfolds easily, goes down smooth, and digests quickly.” Ian Sedensky, Culture Crypt

Cucuy: The Boogeyman has something to extend for a wide spectrum of audiences. Where the mystery element leaves off, there is the thriller and where that aspect ends there is the comedy. Depending on the resilience towards the fright level Cucuy: The Boogeyman may or may not express the ideal measure of scares for the Halloween season.” Ken Artuz, Decay Mag

“One of it’s stronger points is the fact that it plays incredibly well with the concept of the new boogeyman at the center of the film. Bringing aboard a culturally-specific boogeyman that not many are familiar with or now about is a slightly-original touch that makes this somewhat more engaging than just a regular boogeyman on the loose effort.” Don Anelli, Letterboxd

“As far as the monster goes, it felt like your typical boogeyman monster with a different look and design. Menacing features and a mouth that was reminiscent of the new Pennywise. It wasn’t so much his looks that were notable but the idea of him and his choice of methods for taking children that really hooked me.” Tori Danielle, Nightmarish Conjurings

“At certain times, the suspense is very good. There is enough fun factor here to keep your interest and the cast did a tremendous job. The acting was solid across the board, and I especially liked Jearnest Corchado and Jack Erdie. The ending was satisfying and fun, even though I was sort of upset that so many people got saved.” Geno McGahee, Scared Stiff Reviews

Cast and characters:

  • Marisol Nichols … Rebecca – Riverdale; Teen Wolf; Scream 2
  • Brian Krause … Kieran – Be Afraid; House of PurgatoryPoseidon Rex; Plan 9; Camel Spiders; Sleepwalkers; et al
  • Jearnest Corchado … Sofia Martin – I Think My Babysitter’s an Alien
  • Bella Stine … Amelia Martin
  • Pedro Correa … Milo Murphy – Dude Bro Party Massacre III
  • Mick Ignis … The Cucuy
  • Jack Erdie … Boyd
  • Justin Ellings … Travis
  • Isabel Gravitt … Sierra
  • James Sklena … Marco
  • Kristian Lambert … George
  • Jossara Jinaro … Rosa
  • Madison Rojas … Gabriel
  • Isaac Arellanes … Javier
  • Alma Martinez …Blanca


Cucuy: The Boogeyman premiered on the Syfy channel on October 13, 2018.

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