HORROR STORIES (2012) Korean horror



Horror Stories is a 2012 South Korean horror anthology film comprised of four episodes by five South Korean directors.



A high school student is kidnapped by a killer and has her life on the line. To survive, she tells him the scariest stories she knows; starting with ‘The Sun and the Moon’, a story of eerie things happening in a house with a brother and sister who are waiting for their mother.

‘Terror Plane’ in which a flight attendant and a serial killer are left alone in an aeroplane up in the air, ‘Kong-jwi’ and ‘Pat-jwi’ a cruel natural beauty Gong-ji and greedy fake beauty Bak-ji.

‘Ambulance’ in which the survivors in a city filled with a deadly virus suspect each other of being infected while riding together in an ambulance…


” …this omnibus is thoroughly pleasing; every part, with the exception of the wraparound only because it’s more practical than interesting, is distinct. Everything builds up to the impressive “Ambulance on the Death Zone,” but even before that point, no tale is ever dull or throwaway. There is enough variety here to keep every viewer’s attention.” Bloody Disgusting

Original title:

무서운 이야기 aka Mooseowon Iyagi


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