EVEN THE WIND IS AFRAID (1967) Reviews and overview

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Even the Wind is Afraid is a 1967 Mexican supernatural horror film about a ghost seeking revenge at an all-girls school.

Written and directed by Carlos Enrique Taboada (The Book of Stone; Blacker Than the Night and Poison for the Fairies. The movie stars Marga Lopez and Maricruz Olivier.

A remake was released in 2007 starring Martha Higareda as the protagonist.

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A group of college students, led by Claudia (Alicia Bonet) decide to investigate a local tower that has figured prominently in disturbing reoccurring dreams Claudia has been having. The dream also consists of a hanged woman’s body.

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The girls are suspended from school for their antics, but Claudia learns from one of the female staff members that the person in the dream is a student who killed herself years before and that the teacher has seen her ghost.


” …incredibly entertaining. It really does have that feeling of isolation and worry that the teen years engender, with plenty of gothic mood as well. You can see its influence on del Toro’s The Devil’s Backbone, particularly in that movie’s setting.” B&S About Movies

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“Rather than being shadowy, or indistinct, or unreal-looking, these ghosts are vividly real, and sometimes even appear with unnatural clarity. It is not their physical appearance that makes them frightening. It is the way they suddenly pop up in places they should not be, and their silent determination to complete whatever it is they’ve come for; most of all, it is the fact that we know exactly what they are, even though the others on-screen may not.” Braineater

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Hasta el viento tiene miedo is a well made Gothic horror gem that not only frightens more than once but also offers a lot of amusing scenes that work as some kind of humorous relief, without turning the whole movie into a comedy. Naughty winks and yet naïve situations that probably caused a little bit of controversy back in the 60s, when the film came out.” Francisco Rotondi


“Unlike the new version, the original one packs a wallop of thrills, chills, passion and sexiness. It’s a very entertaining movie, and quite a bizarre one I might add.” Critic Society


“A bloodless tale of possession and revenge that truly needs rediscovering […] In a film featuring the tragedies of death and suicide, at least the ending gives us a hint of hope for the future of these innocent girls. A cult classic in its own country, it’s about time the rest of the world was given access to this little-known masterpiece.” Tina Aumont’s Eyes



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Hasta el viento tiene miedo

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