BÜYÜ aka DARK SPELLS (2004) Overview



Büyü aka Dark Spells is a 2004 Turkish horror film directed by Orhan Oğuz based on a screenplay by Şafak Güçlü and Servet Aksoy. It stars Ece UsluÖzgü Namalİpek TuzcuoğluOkan YalabıkNihat İleri and Dilek Serbest.

The film was a surprise box office success, even though it received very poor reviews and is currently ranked #53 in the IMDb’s Bottom 100 movies of all time.

A group of archeologists enter a village that is seemingly cursed by its past. They ignore the warnings of the locals, but soon after they arrive, terror strikes. Weird bugs come out of flames to bite Cemil, Ayadan is raped by an invisible force, babies are heard crying in the air, and more unnerving incidents occur. After the unexpected murder by decapitation of Cemil, the group finally band together to try to take on the evil forces lurking around every corner…