GUTTERBALLS (2008) Reviews and overview



‘I warned you not to bowl tonight’

Gutterballs is a 2008 Canadian horror feature film written and directed by Ryan Nicholson. The movie stars Dan Ellis, Nathan Witte, Mihola Terzic, and Alastair Gamble.


Tensions between two rival cliques boil over during an after-hours bowling session and a fight breaks out. When a girl from one of the team forgets her purse in the arcade, she returns only to be brutally assaulted by members of the other team.

The following night, both groups return to the bowling alley. Except this time, they’re being stalked by a deranged serial killer adorned with a bowling bag as a mask and by sunrise, the alleys will run red with blood…




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“A deliberate attempt to make the most extreme, repugnant slasher film imaginable, Gutterballs is a neon-drenched genre offering with all of its exploitative elements exaggerated so far that good taste is left in the dust within the first 90 seconds.” Mondo Digital

“If you’re in the mood for a flick with plenty of T&A, a good amount of blood and characters who exist for no other purpose than to die horribly, Gutterballs is right up your alley (pun intended) … If you’re looking for something fresh and interesting from the indie horror scene, I recommend you look elsewhere.” Dread Central

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