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Evil Come Evil Go is a 1972 American exploitation horror film written and directed by Walt Davis (Widow Blue) for producer Bob Chinn.

The movie stars Cleo O’Hara, Sandra Henderson, Jane Tsentas (The Jekyll and Hyde Portfolio), Rick Cassidy (Desires of the Devil), Margot Devletian, Chesley Noone (Angel Above – The Devil Below) and John Holmes (who was also assistant director).

Previously available on DVD via Something Weird Video, the film was re-released on a DVD triple-bill by Vinegar Syndrome on January 7, 2014.

Travelling Evangelist preacher, Sister Sarah Jane (Cleo O’Hara), is hellbent on ridding the world of evil, sins-of-the-flesh-obsessed men. Taking to the streets of Los Angeles, she quickly befriends a gullible young woman and the two embark on a mad, libidinous killing spree…


‘Though the film fails to come up with a satisfactory conclusion, the overlong sex scenes […] bog things down at times and some of the audio is heavily damaged, most of the humour is on target, it’s in very bad taste and O’Hara is hysterically funny as the deranged Southern Belle.’ The Bloody Pit of Horror

‘It’s another peek into the bizarro mind of Davis but is competently photographed by Manuel S. Conde and better-acted than his more familiar films (The Danish Connection, Sex Psycho). The violence and sex is a tad more restrained this time around for Davis, but it’s still a sleazy, off-the-wall gem which could have only been made in the 1970’s!’ DVD Drive-In

” …although there is more bloodshed here than in Sex Psycho there is nothing as extreme or gory as that movie’s machete to the neck demise. But once again sex and violence do taboo bed-fellows make so what violence there is seems magnified as a result.” Beardy Freak

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