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‘Some tapes shouldn’t be made’

Sx_Tape – aka sxtape – is a 2013 American horror feature film directed by Bernard Rose (Paperhouse; Candyman; Snuff-Movie) from a screenplay by Eric Reese.

The movie stars Caitlyn Folley, Julie Marcus, Ian Duncan, Daniel Faraldo, Diana García, Eric Neil Gutierrez.


Adam and Jill attempt to spice up their relationship by recording a sex tape in an abandoned mansion. Realizing they’re not alone in their ominous surroundings, the couple discover some sex tapes shouldn’t be made as their kinky adventure turns into a desperate fight for survival…

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“The fear and uncertainty is a slow burner, the genre’s standard loud sounds and flash scares are efficiently used and Folley carries the film well, interacting with the unseen Adam while reluctantly creeping towards the unknown in a dark room or corner. Unfortunately the second half of the film goes rapidly downhill, with an obvious and ridiculous twist and a confusing and unsatisfying ending, which seems tacked on as a last resort…” Jonathan Anderson Sunday, Starburst


“Gripping and claustrophobic, with distant echoes of The Shining in places, the story’s horror elements work mostly by subtle suggestion and nerve-jangling sound design. That said, Rose still allows himself a final orgy of bloody slaughter and black comedy, including an oral sex joke that will make most male viewers wince.” Stephen Dalton, The Hollywood Reporter 

“Any claims of subversion are hindered by the fact that Eric Reese’ screenplay makes no attempt to flesh out these characters beyond their obnoxious exteriors. This may be part of the point, but it makes the bulk of the film painfully dull. By the time we’re confronted with some stomach-churning gore at the film’s close, it feels as though we’ve been taken for a deeply unpleasant and poorly thought-out ride.” Jonathan Hatfull, SciFiNow




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2 Comments on “Sx_Tape – USA, 2013 – reviews”

  1. “make male viewers wince” Gee, I wonder what that could be? Maybe THE SAME THING IT ALWAYS IS? Every film maker that films a scene with gratutious male genital mutilation seems to think this is a great idea for some reason. Cheapens the work and and shows what an adolescent the he is. That’s the mentality that takes what may have been a good video and ruins it. Not to mention how sexist it is. Never see it the other way around do you? Oh no, it would be “wrong” to show a male carving out a female vaginal area. But a female performing male genital mutilation, just fine, even considered funny much of the time. And of course, from what the description says, the male seems the one killed. What a “surprise”, given that, if anyone survives in these things, it’s one (or more) of the females 99.9% of the time. I think all these writers must share the same brain.

    1. Hi! Just been reading your interesting post. I’m not sure if male genital mutilation is regularly shown to be “a great idea” in the horror genre. Maybe I’ve missed a few recent developments, perhaps it’s played that way in some of the more debased ‘torture and mutilation’ SOV productions, but in those cases what is being sold as a ‘great idea’ is simply the filmmaker’s ostentatious nihilism, and if that’s all it is, well, good luck to ‘em. It’ll probably wear off when they settle down and start a family! Also, you say that we never see it ‘the other way round’? You may like to check out Luigi Batzella’s THE BEAST IN HEAT, Ruggero Deodato’s CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, Mario Landi’s PATRICK VIVE ANCORA, Jess Franco’s LA NOCHE DE LOS SEXOS ABIERTOS, or for a different slant, Michael Haneke’s THE PIANO TEACHER and James Bryan’s THE DIRTIEST GAME IN THE WORLD (both of which feature graphic female genital self-mutilation – does that count?). However, you raise a worthwhile point: there is a different attitude towards male sexual torment in some areas of the genre; it’s either seen as ‘payback’ for the evils of patriarchy, or a big joke. This arises either from male guilt complexes, or men’s inability to treat the phallus as anything but hilarious, the latter response being, I would suggest, a form of homosexual panic. However, horror has always zoomed in on pressure points of fear, loathing and disgust: let’s face it, testicles are bound to be a target as the genre shakes off sexual puritanism and dares to depict the entire human body! If Lucio Fulci can shoot a scene in which a man slices a woman’s nipple in half, then it’s not worth getting upset if there are films out there where it’s the penis that comes in for abuse: we either reject all forms of physical horror or accept that the genre is going to look for ways of making us squirm. In terms of the division between violence against men and violence against women in horror, frankly there is still a long way to go before the former overtakes the latter. You only have to ask yourself how many times you’ve seen a man raped in a horror film, compared to a woman… Best wishes, Steve Thrower

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