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‘He’ll leave you on the cutting room floor!’

The Editor is a 2014 Canadian comedy horror feature film written and directed by the Astron-6 (Father’s Day) collective. The movie stars Udo Kier, Laurence R. Harvey and Tristan Risk.



Once revered as the greatest editor of all time, an editing accident reduced Rey Ciso (Adam Brooks) to a ridiculed amputee. When his co-workers are murdered one after another, the editor is the prime suspect! Has he lost control of his psycho-sexual subconscious like a modern day Doctor Jekyll or Wolfman? Not even he knows for sure!




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  • Audio commentary with Adam Brooks, Connor Sweeney, and Matt Kennedy
  • “Making Movies Used to be Fun” documentary
  • Music and poster featurettes
  • Astron-6 film festival introduction
  • Deleted scenes


The Editor is an accomplished satire of Italian giallo movies, filled with gratuitous nudity, extravagant murders and sloppy dubbing. It’s a piss take, but lovingly done – let’s be honest, you need to be a fan of the sub-genre even to know what they are referencing in the film. Essentially, The Editor is the film that the tedious Berberian Sound Studio should have been.

David Flint, MOVIES and MANIA

Other reviews:

“Stylistically, too, the pic does a great job of reproducing its models’ distinctive cinematic language, from the gratuitous sexy-young-body ogling (including a fair amount of full-frontal nudity) and over-the-top if none-too-convincing gore to the garish lighting effects, zoom lensing, awkward editing jumps and spooky synth rock.” Dennis Harvey, Variety


The Editor is very funny in both its script and steady onslaught of visual gags … It will also exceed any minimum standard you set for gore and nudity — the film reaches a point where background players just begin disrobing every time they pass into frame … But if you enjoy wet innards, naked people wrapped only in mystery and killers who kill people, well, you’re one of the chosen few.” Rob Hunter, Film School Rejects


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” … The Editor is not that polished and there are lots of peculiar non-sequiturs. Points for a character randomly ripping woman’s face off, thinking it is a mask, then sheepishly re-attaching it after realizing his mistake. It feels about right. In this world, nobody is good at their job, and everyone goes about their incompetence in the loudest, most naked (figuratively and literally) fashion until they are murdered with extreme grue.” Kurt Halfyard, Twitch Film



The Editor received a British DVD release via Monster Pictures on 11 July 2016. Buy from

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