LOCAL GOD (2014) Reviews and overview


Local God is a 2014 horror feature film from Uruguay directed by Gustavo Hernández (The Silent House) from a screenplay by Santiago González. The movie stars Mariana Olivera, Gabriela Freire and Agustín Urrutia. The original title is Dios Local


After a sequence of tragic events, a rock band composed of twenty-year-olds immerse themselves in writing a three-track concept album that deals largely with their guilt, fears and traumas. Each song has the distinctive quality of including the most heart-wrenching incidents lived by the band members, who wish to cope with their darkest moments through their music.


The band decides to withdraw to a far-away grotto to record the videos that will accompany their record. Once there, they unwisely trespass into an abandoned gold mine where they discover an idol made of stone. It is an ancient diabolical representation used by the Spanish conquistadors to frighten, subdue and enslave the natives under the rule of their local god.



Having unleashed the spirit of the mine, the three youngsters will be unwillingly submerged in a dark and familiar realm: the world created in their record…


“Once we have been brought into the strange universe, it is a mistake to pause or let us out of it, even for a few moments. This was not dissimilar to moments in The Silent House, so while this might be a signature move that Hernández is trying to establish, it doesn’t work. What does work are the juxtapositions of surrealist imagery within the horror setting of kids-in-the-woods, separated and lost.” Screen Anarchy


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