End of the Line – Canada, 2007 – reviews

End of the Line is a 2007 Canadian horror film written, produced and directed by Maurice Devereaux (Blood Symbol; Lady of the Lake; $lasher$). It stars Ilona Elkin, Nicolas Wright, Neil Napier, Emily Shelton and Tim Rozon.

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Karen (Ilona Elkin), is a traumatised woman who suffers from horrific nightmares involving a subway train. Flashbacks show her trapped in a subway.

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A Christian doomsday cult, which has been consuming and distributing hallucinogen-laced muffins that make people see visions of demons.

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On a texted signal, they take over services and begins massacring non-believers throughout the city, believing it is their mission to “save” the souls of humanity for God, which can only be accomplished by killing people with swords and daggers…


“Anyone who is a fan of Christian Mythological horror (movies like Fallen, Stigmata and their ilk), or anyone who is just tickled by the idea of a zombie movie with Christians in place of the living dead, owes it to themselves to write this in pen on their schedule … A truly inspired original effort that comes Highly Recommended.”C. Robert Cargill, Ain’t It Cool News


“… this sick satiric tale—in which religious zealots conduct their own Rapture with cross-shaped daggers on a stalled subway—pushes sensitive buttons about fundamentalist hysteria. Then again, maybe it’s because the movie raises the even more subversive possibility that the zealots are right. Either way, this is scary as hell and impressively unrelenting.” Jim Ridley, The Village Voice

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“The filmmakers are good at screwing with our minds. Likewise the ending. The technicals are terrific, and the camerawork pushes the intensity meter while the cast do everything demanded of them with utter conviction. There is no winking at the audience, and the panic factor gets higher with every scene. No wonder the film won several awards…” Andrew L. Urban, Urban Cinefile


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Cast and characters:

  • Ilona Elkin as Karen
  • Nicolas Wright as Mike
  • Neil Napier as Neil
  • Emily Shelton as Julie
  • Tim Rozon as John
  • Nina Fillis as Sarah
  • Joan McBride as Betty
  • Danny Blanco Hall as Davis
  • John Vamvas as Frankie
  • Robin Wilcock as Patrick

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