DROWNING GHOST (2004) Reviews and overview



Drowning Ghost – aka Strandvaskaren – is a 2004 Swedish slasher horror feature film directed by Mikael Håfström from a screenplay written by Lars Yngwe ‘Vasa’ Johansson and Håfström. The movie stars Rebecka Hemse, Jesper Salén and Jenny Ulving.


The traditional Hellestad Boarding School is celebrating its centenary, and the students are planning a big party. However, there is a dark legend about the brutal murder of three students at a local farm a hundred years ago. The killer drowned in a lake nearby and his body has been not found.

One year ago, disturbed intern Rebecka committed suicide during the anniversary speech of the arrogant Dean, and her deranged father escaped from the mental institution where he was lodged. Student Sara is preparing a composition about the tragic legend and finds new evidence compromising the name of a traditional local family and top contributor of Hellestad.

drown 6

Meanwhile, two new arrivals, Leo and Felix, become close to Sara and her roommate Therese, and students and staffs are vanishing in the place…


“The character was ultra-cool and the myth was well scripted, but to relive the 90′s again was painstaking and unforgiving- there was never a worse time for horror in the history of film- and now people actually want to bring it back? Drowning Ghost can sink all the way to the depths of hell for all I care- burn in hell you evil, evil film!!” Bloody Disgusting

“While this one didn’t exactly wow me, it wasn’t all that bad either. The production values were good, the story somewhat congested and confused but easy enough to follow if you paid attention. I wish the heroine had been… well… more interesting, but hey, not every horror heroine can be as spunky and endearing as you’d like.” Nekoneko’s Movie Litterbox




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