Killers – Japan, Indonesia, 2014

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Killers – aka: キラーズ, “Kirazu” – is a 2014 Japanese-Indonesian psychological thriller film directed by The Mo Brothers (Macabre) and starring Kazuki Kitamura, Oka Antara, Rin Takanashi and Luna Maya. The story was written by Takuji Ushiyama with Timo Tjahjanto of The Mo Brothers.

There are a few differences between the Indonesian theatrical version and the Japanese and International theatrical version. The Indonesian version has been edited, with scenes containing violence and nudity being removed or softened.


In Tokyo, a serial killer is murdering women and posting his violent crimes on-line. In Jakarta, a rogue vigilante uploads his murdering spree for the world to see. A psychotic game of cat and mouse ensues as the two men battle for notoriety. Soon it becomes clear that it’s only a matter of time until the two killers square off face to face…

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“Only the Mo Brother’s second feature film together, Killers is a riveting powerhouse of a film, exploring the darkest recesses of the human mind with two fantastic lead performances. This really is beautiful understated horror cinema at its most watchable.” Cinehouse

“One of the best movies that we’ve seen in 2014, Killers is a harsh, nasty little look at people, and what drives them to kill. If you’re a fan of violent thrillers like I Saw the Devil, then this movie should suit you perfectly.” The Horror Club

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“Overall, though, something about Killers rings hollow. In its ambitious attempt to tell two parallel stories which ultimately converge, it feels a little long-winded and overblown for my liking, hinging on some plot contrivances and lapses into arch melodrama which I feel somewhat undermine earlier efforts to craft a sophisticated narrative.” Brutal as Hell 

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One Comment on “Killers – Japan, Indonesia, 2014”

  1. This film was a truly classy little number with some sick and memorable scenes mounted on a really interesting premise. It’s a little flabby at points but Kazuki Kitamura is pure psycho dynamite and the second he hits the screen you know it’s going to be majestically mental. The night club scene with the bouncer is so stylishly brutal it nearly detonated my nad-packet!

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