THE DEVIL’S BUSINESS (2011) Overview



The Devil’s Business is a 2011 British crime-horror feature film directed by Sean Hogan and starring Billy Clarke, Jack Gordon, and Jonathan Hansler.


Veteran hitman Pinner (Billy Clarke) and his young, inexperienced ward Cully (Jack Gordon) break into a house at night, awaiting the return of owner Kist (Jonathan Hansler) whom their gangland boss Bruno (Harry Miller) wants dead, with no questions asked.

As midnight approaches, Pinner keeps the nervous Cully entertained with an eerie story about a previous hit he had carried out on a beautiful striptease dancer. Before he can finish his tale, a sound from outside the house draws them into the night, and to a horrifying discovery that plunges them into the shadowy darkness of their own tortured souls. The Devil hasn’t finished with them yet…


The film was shot in just ten days and features only five actors. It was released at the same time as another British film with a similar horrific premise, Kill List.

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“Director Sean Hogan (Little Deaths) keeps things well under control for the unusually short running time (just over an hour), resulting in a modest but effective little chiller that achieves far more than its means. It definitely won’t be a film for all tastes (there’s good reason Harold Pinter keeps being brought up by critics), but for anyone who likes a dose of cerebral art house attitude with their English chills, this one’s quite tasty.” Mondo Digital

“Amidst a slew of hackneyed, ill thought out horror the occasional gem shines like a bright beacon and this truly is the business. I can’t wait to see what Sean Hogan comes up with next.” Starburst


The Devil’s Business is a likeable micro-budget offering from a promising young indie writer-director who, with a little more money at his disposal, will surly have a good deal more to offer the genre in the future. This is an interesting attempt at traditional ghostly storytelling surrounded by the conventions of a contemporary crime thriller, and it is well worth giving it a chance.” Horrorview




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