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Stretch Screamers is a series of electronic toys manufactured by Games Quest/Manley Toys Limited of Hong Kong.

As their name implies, Stretch Screamers could be stretched, causing them to apparently scream (they were battery operated). The figures could also to be squeezed and balls of coloured liquid would pop out the top of their head or eyeball.

Stretch Screamers Ghoul

At one point in the early 2000s, the toys were quite popular, so much so that they had their own McDonald’s Happy Meal mini version toy line in 2003. However, they have since been discontinued and have been known to fetch high prices online.



“Mummy” – “Wolfman” – “Angry Alien” – “Ghoul” – “Frankenstein” – “Scary Cyclops” -“Gross Gargoyle” – “Creature Screamer” – “Blister Beast” – “Dracula” – Bugz series (“Oozers” – “Mad Scientist” (Happy Meal)


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Stretch Screamers Creature

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Stretch Screamers Dracula

Mad Scientist McDonalds Happy Meal

Stretch Screamers McDonalds Happy Meal Mummy

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