DRACULA 3000: INFINITE DARKNESS (2004) Reviews and overview



‘In space the sun never rises’

Dracula 3000: Infinite Darkness is a 2004 made-for-television British/German horror film directed by South African Darrell Roodt (The Lullaby; Lake Placid: Legacy; PreyCity of Blood) from a screenplay co-written with Ivan Milborrow. Also titled Dracula 3000

The film brings Bram Stoker‘s fictional vampire Count Dracula into outer space in the distant 30th century. Despite its name, it is not a direct sequel to Dracula 2000, but has connections and inspirations from that film including the name of the vessel in both films “Demeter”.


In the year 3000, the space salvage ship Mother III happens upon the derelict transport Demeter. Captain Van Helsing (Casper Van Dien) and his crew board the abandoned ship.

They explore the bridge and find the corpse of the Demeter’s captain, (Udo Kier) tied to a chair and clutching a crucifix. Despite the misgivings of crew, particularly intern Mina Murry (Alexandra Kamp) and vice-captain Aurora (Erika Eleniak), the Captain claims salvage rights and decides to tow the ship back to Earth. As the crew prepares to return, Mother III suddenly uncouples from the Demeter, leaving them stranded with no means of communication.


Later, cargo specialist 187 (Coolio) and deckhand Humvee (Tiny Lister) discover a cargo bay full of coffins. 187 speculates that the coffins could contain smuggled goods and opens one, only to find sand. Humvee heads back to the bridge while 187 stays to open the other coffins; he is soon mysteriously attacked. The crew rushes to 187’s aid, only to find he is now a vampire. Under orders from his “master”, 187 vows to kill the entire crew…


“You can see that it’s trying hard and the basic idea of Dracula in space is a potentially good one but the whole thing just falls apart, possibly due to a rotten script, possibly due to production problems, possibly due to post-production meddling. Or quite probably all three. The tiny budget and dodgy cast don’t help much either.” MJ Simpson.com


Dracula 3000 is a shining example of complete filmmaking ineptitude. You can look all you want and you won’t find even the slightest hint of intelligence on any level. … It sucks. Dracula 3000 makes Leprechaun 4: In Space look like Alien.” DVD Verdict

“There are bad movies, and then there is Dracula 3000. … Without belaboring the point too much, this is one of the most ridiculous movies I’ve seen in a long while. The script by writer/director Darrell Roodt doesn’t even try to make sense.” Beyond Hollywood


“This is the worst movie I’ve ever reviewed so far for CHUD. How is it bad? Every particular way you can think of: the acting, the writing, directing… I can go on for paragraphs. … To call this film shit is an insult to fragrant brown logs everywhere.” CHUD.com

“What makes Dracula 3000 different is that it’s set in outer space! Which only sounds exciting until you realize that means it’s set inside a grim, Soviet-looking spaceship that has all the futuristic appearance of a present-day federal building made entirely of dimly lit corridors.” Film.com

Dracula-3000 21.56.38

Dracula 3000 is, supposedly, a sci-fi horror film. In practice, however, it appears to be the result of a collision of what little the director knew about those two genres, taken from what he could glean from his memory of 1970’s late-night movies…” Something Awful

dracula 3000 in space

Choice dialogue:

“Sh*t, this is disconcerting!”

Cast and characters:

Casper Van Dien … Captain Van Helsing
Erika Eleniak … Aurora Ash
Coolio … 187
Alexandra Kamp … Mina Murry
Grant Swanby … Arthur “The Professor” Holmwood
Langley Kirkwood … Count Orlock
Tommy “Tiny” Lister … Humvee
Udo Kier … Captain Varna

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