FEMALE WEREWOLF (2015) Reviews and overview

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Female Werewolf is a 2015 American-Canadian horror feature film written, edited, scored and directed by Chris Alexander (Girl with a Straight Razor; Necropolis: Legion; Blood for IrinaQueen of Blood). It was produced by TLA Entertainment Group’s Derek Curl via their offshoot Artsploitation Films.

The film tells the story of a woman on the brink of madness, marginalised and isolated, whose fevered dreams are causing radical changes to her mind and body. As she further loses touch with reality, she slowly, surely, morphs into a monster…

Chris Alexander: “Female Werewolf falls in line with my interest in stories about women in extreme situations, realized in deliberately abstract ways while trading in well-worn genre iconography.

The film is inspired in part by Rino Di Silvestro’s exploitation classic Legend of the Werewolf Woman, a film I greatly admire, as well as Jess Franco’s Female Vampire, a picture I reference often and of course, Polanski’s Repulsion. But Female Werewolf’s style, dreamy tone and sensualised violence are something different, something unique to my personal vision. I’m excited to bring this one to life.”


“All shots are done tastefully, with no more skin than is needed to advance the plot. What you will see is a fair amount of blood, however, as this woman slowly spirals and her illness externalizes. If you enjoy films like Phil Steven’s Flowers this is one you will definitely have to check out.” The Blood-Shed

“The movie, though micro-budget and indie as can be, is beautifully shot and edited very artistically, complete with a hypnotic score that helps keep things interesting (even when it’s just a shot of water dripping from She’s kitchen tap, following the drops as they circle the drain).” Dread Central

“This is a slow-moving, deliberate film that is going to appeal to genre nerds of a very specific type, especially those with a soft spot in their hearts for the films of Jean Rollin and Jess Franco. Nevertheless, if you are a curious student of film, check Female Werewolf out. It’s a good demonstration of what one can do with very little money but a fair amount of creativity. Recommended.” DVD Talk

“Like the core Irina cycle, this is not going to be the easiest of watches for viewers. For the casual viewer, it will seem, vague, without narrative. For the gore-hound, it will barely satisfy […] However, for the Chris Alexander fan it will speak volumes, it has depths to explore and consider and it marks a moment stylistically in the Irina volumes where they moved to their most experimental.” Taliesin Meets the Vampires

“Clocking in just over an hour even then it’s way too long. We follow a girl who thinks she’s going to become a werewolf and falls for her female colleague. So far for the story. The flick itself is extremely slow. It should have horror elements as it is being sold as a horror but it hasn’t any […] There aren’t any real effects, just the teeth which reminded me more of a vampire instead of a werewolf.” Trash Gang

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