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‘Through the looking glass and straight to Hell’

Alice in Murderland – aka The Alice in Wonderland Murders – is a 2010 American slasher horror feature film written and directed by Dennis Devine (Things II; Sawblade; Vampire Club 3D). The movie stars Malerie Grady, Marlene Mc’Cohen, Kelly Kula and Christopher Senger.


Alice Lewis is turning twenty-one years-old and is upset about it. Her sorority girlfriends want to cheer her up and decide to hold a birthday party with an Alice in Wonderland theme at Charlene Glass’s house. Alice knows that in the basement of that house, her mother, Ann Lewis, was brutally hacked to death by a masked killer twenty years before. The girls set a rule that no cell phones and no boys will be allowed.


Everyone comes as their favourite character from the film. Someone who was not invited goes as the Jabberwocky (a fierce creature from the book) and starts murdering them one by one…


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“The film falls apart in the amateurishness of its delivery on most counts. Most of the cast seems capable but they are let down by the flatness of their dialogue. Even the gore looks fake. On a level of production polish, the entire film seems only one step up from a home-made shot-on-digital film that some friends have decided to make.” Moria


“In short: the script is ludicrous, the acting is terrible across the board, the cinematography (especially the lighting in the indoor scenes, which is most of the movie) is well below the standards of competence, the choreography (in the catfight scene) is laughable… I could go on, but honestly, I can’t see a reason to.” Popcorn for Breakfast


“Usually the use of gore in a B-rated horror is where you can expect to laugh, but in this, I think it just comes off as pathetic. In one notable scene, a victim is gutted and their innards explode onto the surface without the evidence of a cut even been made. Speaking of cuts, there was a lot of stabbing and spewing blood, who actually got stabbed and where the blood came from is unknown.” Creepercast

Cast and characters:

Malerie Grady … Alice Lewis
Marlene McCohen … Malory White
Kelly Kula … Kat Glass
Christopher Senger … Rene White
Katie Loche O’Brien … Tiffany
Heath Butler … Donna
Kim Argetsinger … Samantha Glass
Gabrielle Abitol … Charlene Glass
Elizabeth Lam Nguyen … Pima
Jennifer Field … Dee
Jennifer Kamstock … Aunt Lena
Katie Hotchkiss … Ann Lewis
Montre Bible … Andrew
John Buco II … Matt


In the US, the film was released on DVD on 8 February 2011 by Brain Damage Films.

In the UK, it was released on DVD by Lions Gate on 23 June 2011.

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